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The UK collaboration for military mental health policy, treatment and research

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The UK collaboration for military mental health policy, treatment and research

Joining our new Chair, Angus Kerr, we have a new Project Manager, Mark Woosey, coordinating the day to day activities of the group.

Mark is a husband/dad, veteran, ageing sportsman and wannabe psychologist.

Most of his career has been in the military – sponsored thro’ university to study psychology, he graduated from Sandhurst and, after about five years, headed off to the Royal Marines.   An early mid-life crisis led to a few years in civilian management, gaining experience with Mars and Motorola whilst also studying for an MBA. Returning to the military he commanded small teams thro’ to 300 marines and served across the world including Germany, Iraq, Afghan, Rwanda, Somalia, Georgia (FSU), SE Asia…  He studied for an MSc in Mental Health to prepare for commanding the Royal Navy Recovery Centre (Hasler), looking after the most seriously injured, wounded and sick personnel in the RN/RM.

He has always been fascinated by people and why they do what they do and, as a long time overthinker, how they deal with stress and anxiety. A very brief stint in the NHS as a junior psychologist and a few years’ with Hasler’s sailors and marines has only increased his desire to understand and help.

With a love of the outdoors and sports, he still coaches rugby and surf lifesaving, and is a keen Exeter Chiefs fan. Rising pre-sunrise most days to cycle or swim, he loves mindfulness and yoga to keep his ageing body and mind in one piece.

Leaving the Marines at the start of 2023 he became a senior project manager with an engineering company. He is very excited to be back in the military community, especially the military mental health gang.